A webinar for
Senior Managers, L&D, and HR Leaders


Keep your top female leaders from burning out and walking out!

February 23 @ 1:30 PM EST


The Webinar

Do you want to keep your top female leaders engaged and motivated?

Are you tired of seeing them slip away to other organizations?

You are not alone.

Many organizations struggle to retain their best and brightest talent.

With the proper insight, you can cultivate a culture of engagement and create an environment that supports the well-being of your female leaders.

The Problem

Female leaders face unique challenges in the workplace. From work-life balance to unequal pay, these barriers can make it challenging for them to stay motivated and engaged.

And when they leave, the cost to the organization is high.

According to the "Women in the Workplace" 2021 report by McKinsey & LeanIn.org and the findings in a recent Gallup poll, stress and burnout are leading causes, and...things are only getting worse.

But there is a solution.

The Solution

Join Kafi London for the Retain Rockstar Leaders webinar and discover:

  • Why work stress and burnout trump position and pay
  • How retaining & elevating female leaders impacts team members, emerging leaders and client relationships
  • How to foster an environment that supports the well-being of your female leaders

The Outcome

By attending this webinar, you will gain the insights you need to keep your female leaders engaged, motivated and committed to your organization.

You'll learn how to create a work environment they will want to stay in - and how to support their well-being to avoid burnout so they don't walk out.

Who should attend?

This session is ideal for leaders of leaders including:

Senior Leaders

L&D Managers

HR Leaders



Kafi London is a seasoned expert in the art of nurturing top talent - with a focus on female leaders.

With over 27 years of experience in the consulting industry, Kafi has a reputation for creating engaging and empowering experiences that keep people motivated and fulfilled.

Kafi's innovative approach and practical strategies have helped companies keep their best and brightest on board.

Kafi London is the founder and CEO (Chief Energy Officer) at Smart Women on Fire, whose mission is to fuel leaders, so workplaces thrive.